Who is PeerGroup?

We are a group of technology companies focusing on helping peer groups in different environments interact and help each other via secure white-labelled platforms.

What is PeerGroup?

We are a group of technology companies focusing on helping peer groups in different environments interact and help each other via secure white-labelled platforms.


Create user-friendly technology that supports human connection, inclusion and engagement. That drastically reduces the amount of unwanted, disrupting blanket emails, text messages and group chats.


To provide secure platforms that are easy to navigate, onboard and integrate. All PeerGroup platforms enable peer led connection, by empowering all parties to communicate, collaborate and if needed problem solve together in real time,


PeerGroup platforms seek to revolutionise how people communicate in the most efficient and effective way possible all over the world.

Select the right platform for your industry


StudentPeers is a white-labelled secure interactive communication platform enabling students within an educational institution to request help or offer help to their fellow student peers in a safe and monitored environment entirely overseen by the administrator, relieving after-hours pressure on teachers/lecturers.


WorkPeers - Corporate

Designed to cut down unnecessary email chains and chat group communication that currently exists within professional firms in both the public and private sectors. A perfect tool for everyone from law firms to local councils.

WorkPeers - Shift covering

Designed to cut down the need for phone calls, email, sms and social group blasts to find staff to cover shifts. Perfect for companies that have a lot of casual or part time workers such as hospitality, health care and retailers.


EmployPeers enables instant and real-time communication between applicants for a position, recruiters, and the decision makers within an organisation. EmployPeers removes all the wasted time chasing up feedback, rescheduling appointments, and reviewing candidates internally between multiple decision makers.


MyPeers is all about mental health. Also, a white-labelled platform where peers within an organisation, particularly those with high-stress levels, can reach out to their peers when they need someone to talk to without e a single call, text message or email required. All communication within the platform can be overseen by the organisations' administrators, with medical professionals also available if the matter requires it.


Once your PeerGroup.co platform is live, you’re free to customise the security and subject settings in the backend portal.

You have the option to customise :

  • Which staff and students can login
  • Whether male or female students can help each other
  • Which subjects and year levels can access the platform
  • With further customisations available to you

Real-time dashboard

Your administrator can see all student activity in real time:

  • Which students have asked for help.
  • What they are asking for help about.
  • Who has offered to help them.
  • Who helped.

For further security, students can confidentially report issues they feel the designated administrator should be alerted to via a one-click secure link.

Students helping students

Students simply download your branded PeerGroup.co platform to connect to fellow students. They then log in with their secure email address your education institution has provided them.

When a student needs peer help, they simply click to ask for help, select the relevant subject and upload their problem including photo or video if required.

Students strong in subjects, who want to help their peers, self-select their subjects and time frames they’re available via the platform. Helpers will be alerted only during those times and opt to help if it suits them. They’ll then connect and have the ability to chat, upload images, videos and communicate via your choice of video-conferencing platform.

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